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    In the space of just a few years, the Kos collections had succeeded in making a name for themselves as icons of the modern bathroom, giving moments of wellbeing and pleasure new status in everyday life.
    Cutting edge technology and attention to each and every detail enable us to guarantee a top quality product at all times and to integrate a highly industrialised design object into all kinds of living space.

    The study of materials and production processes form the basis of company strategy: silkstone, cristalplant, pietraluce, acrylics and natural woods trace sculptural and design-oriented forms, characterised by a soft, velvety touch.
    Wellbeing is a daily must for Kos: “idrocolore” colour therapy, aromatherapy are combined with products that are avant-garde in design and structure, having achieved style icon status over the years.

    Zucchetti. Kos aims to make the user of the product protagonist of his/her own wellbeing, living space and choices. It offers collections that are versatile, attractive, functional for all kinds of space and all tastes.
    A 360° vision of the world of wellbeing that unites poetry and style and translates them into an industrial product.

    From the mini pool to furniture and accessories, Kos is universally recognised as an interpreter of modernism: expressing a range of different tastes, catering for a user who regards wellbeing as a primary value and wishes to be surrounded by unique objects, things to be tried out and experienced every day.

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